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Our assessment is built on a solid foundation of validity. This means that our test precisely measures what it is designed to measure.


Our instrument is highly reliable, which means that you can trust the consistency of the results. Just as a reliable watch always tells the correct time, our assessments consistently deliver accurate and dependable measurements. We’ve conducted extensive reliability testing to ensure that our instruments perform consistently across time and individuals.

Grounded in Robust Research

We are currently conducting studies including thousands of people and diverse populations to ensure that our assessments are accurate and applicable across various contexts and demographics. Our commitment to ongoing research ensures that our assessment is not only precise and relevant but constantly improving as well.

In addition to being research-based and psychometrically sound, our assessment is grounded upon pre-eminent, contemporary models of human cognition.  Our theoretical framework is informed by the Integrated School Neuropsychology/Cattell–Horn–Carroll Theory or SNP/CHC Model (Miller, 2013).  The model emerged from a synthesis of prominent, current research and is supported by hundreds of case studies and robust statistics that have coalesced and conceptualized a comprehensive approach to cognitive functioning on the basis of its most critical constituent parts.

This approach positions our assessment to provide learners, teachers and parents with a cognitive map that will identify an individual’s neurocognitive strengths and weaknesses.  It also enables us to recommend evidence-based learning strategies and instructional interventions that may be used to strategically improve those areas of relative weakness and leverage the relative strengths. The assessment is designed to emphasize optimized learning rather than acquired knowledge or static diagnoses.  Our assessment doesn’t simply provide numbers and percentages.  It provides data that has valuable real-world applications. With our valid, reliable, and research-backed instruments, you will obtain information that will enable you to enhance your cognitive functions and learn at the horizon of your capabilities.